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Meet the host!
Laurie Herbers

Laurie Herbers is a Relationship & Spiritual Love Coach and author of multiple books. Her love of learning led to degrees in education, but her heart for God led to using those degrees in the pursuit of His children by creating courses to inspire love and embrace who God created His children to be. 
She found amplification of God in her life and business by becoming a member of Girl Power Alliance where she received certifications as a Radiant Leader and a Radiant Leadership & Life Coach. This brought her even closer to God and her desire to teach His children how to find divine connection, divine love, and divine purpose. 
Her mission is to guide millions of individuals into divine connection, so they can live in the fullness of God’s love and abundance walking fully in the purpose to which God created them. 
Her courses are: Turn Loving Yourself into a Habit; Journaling with God: Learning to Discern His Voice & Have Divine Guidance; Embracing the Love That Is You: Loving Who God Says You Are; God Is Calling: Stepping into Divine Purpose; and Marriage Bound G.P.S. for Christian Woman.


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