Finding the One 
for Single Christian Women 
January 14th

Tired of waiting?
Tired of looking, seeking, desperately wondering when?
Tired of only finding boys and not men of God?
Are you thinking about giving up?
Are you doubting his arrival?

God has a plan for your life.
Are you listening to His guidance?
Are you ready to embrace God's plan?
Ready to have love you never imagined?

This workshop has activities to get you thinking.
It is interactive.
Learn new ways to embrace God's voice so you know when, where, and how you are to pursue Him.
God is calling His daughters to not only want His best but receive it. 
He is calling them to rise up together, for where two or more are, He is also. 
You are being called to claim what is already yours!
Make 2023 the year everything changed!
The year all the pieces fell into place. 

Join me and hear what God has to say about Finding the One.

Only $47

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