TIRED OF feeling unworthy? 

Tired of living confused, unsure of what God is doing in your life? 

Looking for a sense of peace? 

wanting to go deeper with god?

I spent so many years of my life, feeling so unworthy, so unloved, and so unwanted. 
Tired of feeling this way, I went in search of love.
Not just any love. God’s love.
What I found changed everything.

God took the broken, hurting, angry girl, 
and changed her into a healed, loving woman 
whose goal in life is to help other women fall deeply in love with 
who God sees when he looks at them. 
Guide them into becoming who God called them to be. 
Guide them into divine purpose. 
Guide them into divine wealth.
You are worthy because you are his. 
That's it. 
Worth isn’t something you earn. 
Worth is who you already are. 
Are you ready to stand in Divine Worth?
This is the course FOR YOU! 

Are you ready to change your life?