I Love Me!
Journal & Coloring Book
Great Gift Idea for Teens and Adults
This groundbreaking book is a journal and a coloring book all about loving yourself.
It has 24 colorable journaling prompts designed to get you thinking about how you are unique and amazing along with 24 lined pages to express yourself with words.
27 different full-page designs to allow for personal creativity to express yourself with your favorite colors in crayon or colored pencils.
Book measures 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches to make it easy to take with you wherever you go.
Buy now for hours of fun relaxation that reminds you to love yourself!
For artists of all levels. 

Becoming Abundance
Embracing and Enhancing Your Unique Design
Becoming abundance is about embracing all that you are and stepping into the brilliance that is you. Becoming abundance is a constant state of flow. It is continuous growth. You are always becoming something. You are always learning and always moving toward something. To stay in the state of flow where you are bringing forth what you actually want, you have to know what you want. In order to stay in this flow of abundance, you must know yourself. Stop trying to be like everyone else and start becoming who you were created to become.

This book is about how to embrace and enhance your unique design by understanding the uniqueness that is you. If you are not seeing amazing things in your life, it is time to understand your own power and ability to bring forth what you want on purpose. You have the ability to harness your own gifts and walk with purpose. You decide what your life looks like. You are who you are looking for. Step into your abundance and change your life. It all begins and ends with you. Are you ready? 
Second Chances
How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose
You are not meant to live a life of turmoil. All I ever wanted was to hear my dad tell me he loved me. To know that I was deserving of love. I spent my life hating everything that I was. I kept searching for anyone to love me, for anyone to help me feel necessary in this world. I was worthless. I was a failure. Everything in my life had fallen apart. I had no reason to live. No one would care if I died. I was in so much pain. I carried so much anger inside of me. I thought I knew so much, but it turned out I was wrong about so many things. This book is my journey through pain and rejection into love. It is acknowledging my imperfections and incorrect thinking. I am just one person who dared to look deep within myself for answers. I am sharing my story so others can find love. There is a love calling out to you, trying to get you to look inside yourself. I am here to tell you how important you are and that your life matters. We all have purpose. We all have a reason for being. If I can help just one person step into the fullness of love by sharing my battle through the depths of despair, then it was worth reliving. It was worth diving back into all the pain to get the words onto paper. You are worth everything I went through to show you the way.

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